APR/2018, NGK MOTOR oil, a member of LDH family, will be entering into the market of the mainlland of China, and the company will be supported by LDH financially.
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  Channel is the king of business world!

  We have been setting up a large number of distribution channels. Now,it is time to joint LDH!

  Our partners include:product markers、distributorsand services providers.

  Our objective: suitable products are delivered to suitable people at a suitable time.

  LDH is globlizing rapidly!


Certain conditions for our partners:

1 Partners for manufactories

  To provide our products and services;

  The common cooperation is to provide us information and resources;

  Strong capability to provide us technology and R&D.

2 Project Cooperation

  To joint LDH R&D, or become a member of LDH, will be supported by LDH financially and effectively.

  To work on new products and services, or market promotion.


[Deep Cooperation]
  The deep cooperation with the R&D of LDH is going to help you promote your business effectively, for more details, please email:


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