APR/2018, NGK MOTOR oil, a member of LDH family, will be entering into the market of the mainlland of China, and the company will be supported by LDH financially.
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Founded in 1989, LD Holdings BVI was registered in Virgin and based in Hong Kong, it is a financial and new energy holdings group with international investment background.

LDH also has invested in other areas like real estate and technology. In 2008, LD Holdings has been investing in main business include auto parts and, related products and filed. At the same time, a number of offices and subsidiaries were built in the mainland of China.

LD Holdings International Limited, a subsidiary of LD Holdings (BVI) Limited was registered in Hong Kong in 2012, and the registered capital of the organization is 120,000,000 HKD. Furthermore, the headquarter is located in Hong Kong and focus on the Asia-Pacific market for Lubricating Oil.

As the largest distributor of automobile and related products in Asia-Pacific, our shareholders are members of international corporations.

LDH has a production base in Germany, China and assembly centers, and sales network in many countries and regions of the world, is a leading global supplier of auto parts.

LDH has been managing its subsidiaries standardly. Also, LDH has invited international consultancy corporations like Mckinsey and IBM to help the holding to reach international standard, such as ISO9001.

The distribution channels of LDH include: the mainland of China、Singapore、Australia, and so on. Moreover, its partners include: NZCI(New Zealand), Bestbuy(Japan), and Dreamland (mainland, China).
LDH is divided into five departments: Investment、Finance、Business Strategy、Management and Audit, as well as two divisions: Automobile and Related Product Business、Vehicle Sales Division.

Maximizing customers value is one of LDH visions. In addition, LDH provides the best work environment for its employees, and the company has been distributing a lot to the Asia economy.


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